hi there! welcome to NYBOD’s blog. it’s actually a photo gallery, photos taken by my cellphone camera. I’m an amateur, so I need your comments and ratings to improve my photography skills; tell… Continue reading


I hadn’t posted anything for a really long time, so it was probably a good idea to update the blog! I thought this one would be better with too much contrast… (that’s me.. I had my… Continue reading

First Throne (37 pics)

as you probably don’t know (:D) , I’ve recently been to Russia, well, actually only Moscow and St.Petersburg (since it’s literally impossible to see the whole thing in about a week!) there’s a… Continue reading

On the Boat (7 pics)

On the way back home (2 pics)

The Alley (2 pics)

Light in the city (4 pics)

Snowy (6 pics)

Frozen (5 pics)

Hands of the nature (1 pic)

I’d imagine trees were hands of the nature… stupid or not, trees ARE truelly like hands of the earth going up through the sky.

The shoe maker! (2 pics)

Mirfatah Ice House (1 pic)

Mirfatah ice house, Malayer, Hamedan Iran

Bisheh! (5 pics)

Bisheh waterfall, Khoram abad, Lorestan, Iran… one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran

Kish (4 pics)

Kish is a free trade zone in Persian Gulf, Iran… it has huge trade centers and amazing places to have fun, but I’m interested in its nature the most; beautiful clear sea and… Continue reading

Insects (9 pics)

  I love insects! I’ve found them amazing to watch in close up view… when you look at them, you find different colors used in the best way to make a tiny beautiful… Continue reading

Roein Valley (3 pics)

Roein is a small village near Esfarayen which is a small city in North Khorasan, Iran… Roein Valley is a really beautiful landscape which has individual beauty in all seasons of the year.… Continue reading

Stop Killing Your Fellow Beings!

In order to join the campaign of “Stop Killing Your Fellow Beings”, take a picture with this sentence and send it to the campaign here.

Anzali Lagoon (7 pics)

Burn (4 pics)

Cracks (2 pics)

The Butterfly Dream!

this butterfly reminded me of a movie… The Butterfly Dream is actually the title of that Turkish movie which I really liked and I thought it might be a good title for my photos!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Curves)

Sun hidden behind the clouds (1 pic)

Green Field (1 pic)

Tehran (10 pics)

just returned from Tehran… didn’t have much time to take photos but… I took some! went to Lale park and saw these people; kids from kindergarten, people talking, walking… or lonely! at night,… Continue reading

The little things

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds but is often overlooked. this topic reminded me of a dialogue by “Hushpuppy” in “Beasts of the southern… Continue reading

The Eyes (7 pics)

On the wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create? …………………………………… well, our lives… Continue reading

Happy Earth day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Color)

I just saw the new weekly photo challenge; Color… but I haven’t taken any new shots for this topic, so I decided to repost some older shots ’till I find some time to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (A Day In My Life)

a gallery for the latest Weekly photo challenge, on Dailypost. more photos in original posts; Nowruz Strawberries The Dog The Cock

Out there (1 pic)

The cock (2 pics)

The Dog (4 pics)

Straw berries (6 pics)

Nowruz (10 pics)

You might have heard about Nowruz, new year in Persian countries… We’ve been celebrating the first 13 days of the year (equals March 21st to April 2nd) for about thousands of years… one of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Lost in the details)


Apple (5 pics)

Silhouette (3 pics)

Weekly photo challenge: (Unique)

Weekly photo challenge: (Beyond)

Reposted to take part in Post A Day weekly photo challenge.

Weekly photo challenge: (illumination)

Reposted to take part in Post A Day weekly photo challenge

Pure red! (2 pics)

The Artist! (4 pics)

She’s my cousin…I’v already posted some photos of her. This time, she was so upset ’cause her mother had just gone shopping and she was missing her, so I gave her a pen… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Delicate) 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Delicate) 1

Reposted to take part in Post A Day weekly photo challenge

Drops (3 pics)

Fire (2 pics)

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Changing seasons)

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Weekly photo challenge: (Reflection)

Reposted to take part in weekly photo challenge. Links to original posts; The clear The black

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Green)

      Reposted to take part in Weekly Photo Challenge of Post A Day (Dailypost.wordpress.com)

Shattered clouds (1 pic)

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Renewal), Water

This is the third and last post of “Renewal” series… this one includes photos of water, water drops, rain and … . water cleans and brings everything back to life… links to the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Renewal), fresh green

This is the second post of “Renewal” series. in this post, I’m going to (re)post some of my shots about fresh green plants which always remind me of renewal. links to the two… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Renewal), born again

the topic “Renewal” includes many of my shots, but I’ve published some of them in three posts… this is the first one which is about flowers, blossoms and plants which were dead before… Continue reading

Autumn Days (3 pics)


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